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Est. 2021

Our Story

Omega Surf Wear is a small Surf Wear startup that wants to make a place for ourselves in this amazing community. We are not just about Surf, it’s about the entire ocean ecosystem. From Surfing and Body Boarding to Scuba Diving.

Besides our quality apparel and bespoke designs we hope to make the beach and oceans a better place. We want to work with the communities and assist them in anyway we can.

One of our first initiatives is to make contact with small owner operated surf camps the world over and list their establishments on our World Surf Camp Directory. Not only are we listing these sites for no cost to the Surf Camp, we are also working with them as affiliates. Any client of theirs can use the Surf Camps referral code and checkout to receive a 10% discount on anything bought from our store. The Surf Camp will also receive a small commission directly to them.

We hope to quickly become a part of the surf and ocean community.

As we progress there are a number of other initiatives that we would like start. We as citizens of this planet have to do what we can to protect our ocean. One of the best ways of doing that is to let the Ocean become a part of peoples lives.

You can tell a person that the ocean is important to our survival, or you can show them that it is important. Get them on a surfboard, or get them to swim amongst the sponges and reef life. If that does not make make the “light bulb” switch on, nothing will.

We hope that you will join us on our journey and become a part of it as we build our brand and bring awareness to oceanic conservation.

Surf Camp Directory

Growing Fast

Surf Camps are an amazing way to meet other surfers from all over the world, If you are a new to surfing, many camps will help you to learn how to be free, just you and your board. If you are already an avid surfer it’s a great way to meet other surfers from all over the world. Many surf camps also offer accommodation. This is often a cost-effective way to travel the world and surf at the same time.


Surf Camps

Partner Surf Camps around the world

Core Values

It’s the small things that make big differences.

Reduce Wastage

Most of our Products are manufactured on demand. Either in North America or Europe. This is done to reduce wasted materials. as much as 80% of unsold merchandise ends up in landfills.

Reuse and Recycle

Any clothing that can be worn but does not pass our quality controls is donated to charities. The product might not be of a high enough standard to ship to our clients, but still serve its purpose for the less fortunate. We also use organic and recycled materials where ever possible.

Quality and Guarantee

We strive to only supply the best. But we know that sometime mistakes will be made. We will always do what we can to ensure our clients are satisfied with their purchases.


We strive to be a part of, and to support our community. There are so many of us who care about the oceans and its inhabitants. Even those who don’t surf or dive, are still a part of the extended community. We need to work with everyone to do what we can.